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Diving Deep on the Creative Process with Anunaku

It's snowing in the North East but there's nothing cold about spending time with Anunaku Tiyoweh-Osceola, the creative force behind Anunaku's Body Adornments. Her inspiration comes from ancestral influences and her designs are created with the purpose of Speaking Sovereign Statements. The inspiration began with the call for stillness. From that place of stillness, small beaded creations were born, crude at first, but a start of the journey. As Anunaku surrendered to the alignment of inspiration in both her heart and her mind, she began to create incredible pieces, or "peaces" as she calls them, of body adornment. They contain elements of metal, wood, stone and beads. Some peaces are spiral in nature, representing the soul's ascension on the physical plane to spiritual enlightenment. Some peaces have a warrior spirit, while others embody peace, love and compassion. One thing is for certain, there are no limits to what Anunaku can create. From a fashion perspective, these peaces are incredible & unique, one of a kind creations. They make a bold statement and will not be worn without getting attention. From a higher altitude, these designs are infused with love, enlightenment, purpose, happiness, healing and all things wonderful about Anunaku.

If you want to see the full interview, you can watch the conversation on

To see the collection you can check out Anunaku's Body Adornments group

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1 Comment

Feb 18, 2021

I enjoyed talking with Anunaku today! I'll be posting the video conversation soon so you can meet the designer in the Artisan's Corner on http://www.fidelityonlocation

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