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Welcome to Fidelity on Location

Welcome to my new page! I'm so excited you're here! I want to create a space that is informative, interactive and! There's magic in photography. It can bring you back to your favorite place and your favorite people. It can make you want to dream, buy, laugh, eat...The world is a visual place and I'm so lucky to be able to capture it. This page is dedicated to day dreams, real dreams, connection, networking, sharing, knowledge, empowerment and growth. See, I'm more than just your everyday photographer; I'm a fashionista, cat whisperer, human lover, foodie, supporter, educator, confidant, coach, writer, traveler, goddess & drone operating adventurer. I invite you to join me on my adventure; meet my friends, the people I admire and learn about the stuff they do. Learn, grow, listen, share, connect, hear and be heard. I'm so excited. Let's get started!

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